Friends Bookstore

Due to the coronavirus, the Friends Bookstore has been closed.

Friends of the Library tree

  • Hard Covers:  $1.00
  • Hard Cover with Green Dot: 25¢
  • Paperbacks:  25¢
  • Romance Books: 10¢ Each or 15 books for $1
  • Magazines:  10¢

It’s a bargain!

The Friends of the Library Bookstore is possible with generous donations of used books from library visitors.

Profits from books sold are used to fund new programs, buy library materials, and do so much more for the library and its visitors.

Normally  materials will be added to the collection, sold in the Friends of the Library Bookstore, or donated to a local nonprofit, such as the Harlingen Housing Authority’s Little Libraries or a detention center. Please make sure materials you wish added to the collection do not have mold/mildew, are clean, and are not torn.

Acceptable donations include:

BooksItems may be added to the collection if needed. Older titles or extra copies will be given to the Friends Bookstore.

DVDs, CDs & Audiobooks Playable titles. No copies or titles that are missing a disc.

MagazinesTitles that are in good condition may be accepted for the Bookstore.

For archival donations please contact Michael Jones, at (956) 216-5825.