General Election Resources

A General Election is the process by which voters can choose which selected candidates from a political body are chosen for office. We have compiled the nonpartisan guide below to help voters exercise their rights.

1. Learn about the Candidates

This site is nonpartisan and lists the candidates and resources available to the community regarding the election.The list of candidates shown here has been updated to the best of our ability. If any candidate/website is not accurate or shown, please email the Reference Department at

View the results from the Primary Election here

Democratic Candidate

Republican Candidate

2. Important Dates

Keeping track of the dates is very important. We recommend putting them on your calendar.
  • October 5 – Last day to register to vote

  • October 13 – Early voting begins

  • October 23 – Last day to apply for ballot by mail (received not postmarked)

  • October 30 – Last day of early voting

  • November 3 – Election Day

3. Register to Vote

 Vote By Mail
The qualifications to vote early by mail in Texas are:
  • be 65 years or older
  • be disabled
  • be out of the country on election day and during the period of early voting by personal appearance
  • be confined in jail, but otherwise eligible

 You can get a ballot by mail form by


4. Campaign Finance Disclosures

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) is the Official United States Government website that tracks campaign finance and donations.

5. Learn about the Presidential Election Process

At you can learn about every step of the Presidential election process, the Electoral College, caucuses and primaries, and the national conventions.

6. Texas Offices up for Election in 2020

For more information regarding what Texas offices will be up for election in 2020, visit the official Texas Secretary of State election page.