Review By: Sami Rahmani

Title: Stormbreaker: Alex Rider

ISBN: 978-0-399-23620-4


I find myself attracted to spy novels and this book didn’t disappoint. If you haven’t read this book yet, it’s a grave mistake that you must fix. Stormbreaker starts off with an unfortunate accident and Alex is thrown into a completely foreign world of British spies and secrets. He soon figures out his family bloodlines are not as innocent as they seem. Thrust into a dangerous mission against a dangerous businessman, Alex can only use his training, wits and gadgets to survive. Altogether, the plot kept me glued and I tore through the book. 

The characters in the story are all easy to have emotions against. Horowitz does a great job in making the characters genuine, and I came to be fond of Alex very quickly. His mindset was relatable and I found myself rooting for him. Not only that, the way the story unfolds you feel like you’re right there in the world of espionage. 

Overall, Stormbreaker was a great opening to a teen spy series which I look forward to finish reading. 



Review By: Vincent Tapia                  

Title: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

ISBN: 9780439784542



Harry  Potter and his friends Ronand Hermine have to prepare for the evil presence lurking within Hogwarts. The group of friends have changed alot in the progression of the series. The characters develop very interestingly in the later installments of the series, especially in this book. They are not kids anymore and have to deal with being teens. They have more responsibilities and have to fend off evil, but can they handle it? The story takes place in a now dark and gloomy Hogwarts with death eaters lurking around every corner. How did they get here, why are they here, who attacked the girl, what are the students supposed to be preparing for? Is it Voldemort, or is it something much more than that? All of these questions makes the book an edge of your seat read that you will never want to put down.


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