Interlibrary Loans

The library offers a service known as an Interlibrary Loan (ILL). ILLs allow our members to request and borrow material from other libraries. There are two primary ways of transporting ILLs with different benefits and drawbacks. We need to know which one you prefer (Courier or Postal) when the request is made.

Courier: We pay for a courier service called the Trans-Amigo Express.

  • Benefit: There is no charge for the ILL.
  • Drawback: There are limited number of libraries using this service, so there is less chance of the ILL request being fulfilled.


Postal: This service uses the United States Post Office.

  • Benefit: Nearly all libraries in the United States can use this service.
  • Drawback: There is a fee based on the shipping weight and shipping location of the ILL. The member that requests the ILL is responsible for paying this small fee upon pickup.


Patrons may request ILLs in person at the Periodicals desk, online through HPL Catalog, or by calling 956-216-5807, as long as your library card is up to date and is clear of fines. The limit for ILL’s is 15 per library card.

If you already know the rules and what you are looking for, you can bring in a completed ILL Request Form to save time.