Reserve a Display Window

To reserve a display window at the Library:

1. Complete the window reservation form here: Display Window Reservation Form 

2. Submit the completed form by email to or in person to the Library’s Circulation Desk.

3. Library Staff will contact you regarding your application.



Reservations are accepted first come, first serve. The library will not be responsible for damage or loss of any materials used in the display.

Display windows may not be used for the following purposes: 
    • To promote a political candidate, party, ballot measure,  or political view.
    • To promote religious beliefs or a religious message.
    • To market sales activities or enhance private business.
Materials prohibited from use in the display cases include the following: 
    • Perishable materials  
    • Anything deemed offensive or inappropriate by library staff. 
    • Anything that could harm the display case.  
People and organizations who reserve a display case must agree to the following: 
    • Set up and tear down the display on the designated date.  
    • No standing in the display case. 
    • Bring all the tools and decorations you will need to complete the display. The library will not lend materials or tools.