Teen Advisory Group (Ages 12-17)

tagThe Teen Advisory Group (TAG) is made up of middle and high school students who have united together to make a difference at the public library.

TAG members will:

  • Help plan teen programming
  • Give book recommendations
  • Voice opinions on library matters
  • Run program activities
  • Have fun with other students of the same age

Our intention is to form a committee of secondary school students to help lead and guide the members. They will vote on suggestions brought up by members and present them to the library staff or library board as needed.

Based on member interests and ages, we will also form sub-groups. The purpose is to give each sub-group a project to work on and plan to present for the next meeting. Subgroups will include efforts towards creating craft events, book clubs, technology programs, drama group events, volunteering opportunities, and more.

If you want to turn in a physical copy of the application form, please use the following PDF file (click the red letters) and turn in to the library. You can also email it back to us to apply virtually. 

TAG Application

For more information please contact Lee McArdle by phone at (956) 216-5809, or by e-mail at youth@harlingenlibrary.com.