Wifi, Computers, Copiers, Costs


The Harlingen Public Library offers free Wifi to everyone, you don’t need a library card to access it. Ask Staff for information on how to connect to it.

Dell-Optiplex-7020   Computers

  • Due to the health crisis, computers are available to the public for limited use. Computer stations have been turned off to allow for 6 feet of separation between computer users. You may use the computer for one 45-minute session per day. Disinfecting wipes will be available at the service desks.
  • You need a library card or E-card to use our computers.
  • There is no charge for computer use, see below for printing costs.
  • Computers are equipped with Microsoft Office 2013.
  • Only 8.5″x11″ sized paper is available for computer prints.
  • Computers are unavailable for Public Use 15 minutes before closing.

xerox-waas-multifunction-color-altalink-c8045-c8055-min-en-500x500.f3a6e24d Copiers

Our modern copiers can do a variety of tasks:

  • Printing via Document Feeder for quickly printing large numbers of copies.
  • Printing via Scanner (maximum size 11″x17″).
  • Scanning to Pendrive (saved as PDF or JPG).
  • Enlarging or Shrinking documents.
  • If printing from copier (copying physical paperwork, not computer prints), you can select from 8.5″x11″, 11″x14″, & 11″x17″ sizes.
  • Copiers are unavailable for Public Use 15 minutes before closing.

5f44f3160a09b51b4fa4634ecdff62dd-money-icon-by-vexelsCost of Printing – Computers & Copiers

  • Black & White copies are 10 cents a page.
  • Color copies are 25 cents a page.
  • Coin op machine only takes single dollar bills and silver change (quarters, dimes, & nickels).
  • Scanning documents to a pendrive is completely free!